Scout Coordinator of the Month: Chelise L

By January 18, 2018September 1st, 2018Scout Coordinator of the Month

Chelise Larsen has been a shopper for Service Scouts since 2010.  In that time she has completed 159 shops with an average rating of 8.86, putting her in the top 10% of our shoppers.  Because of her great work as a shopper, Chelise was invited to become an editor for us in 2016.  She has proven to be an excellent editor and has recently been invited to become one of our schedulers as well.  In the first two weeks of her time scheduling, she was able to fill 100% of her shops that she was assigned–this is no easy task!  She has stepped up and become one of our rock star team members in editing, and now scheduling and recruiting.  We love working with Chelise and value her contributions to our team!