About Service Scouts

Since 1996, Service Scouts has been the nation’s premiere mystery shopping and service improvement consulting company. We partner with our clients to develop service and operations solutions incorporating best practices, measuring expectations, realigning service drivers, motivating management and employees to create an energy your patrons will feel, appreciate, and value.

Meet Jim Smith, Founder and Owner

Jim Smith, a former retail grocery executive, founded Service Scouts in 1996. As a renowned business operations and customer care expert, he serves as a hands-on president. The Client list is impressive to say the least and he is humbled by the ability to serve anyone whether it be a Fortune 500 Company or a small sole proprietor. With more than 25 years experience of business and management experience, his innovative vision offers his clients exceptional expertise in building integrated organizational dynamics which include: developing quality performance practices and standards, forming and realizing customer service objectives, creating positive employee attitudes through effective recognition programs, and measuring results through consistent customer feedback.

Jim Smith, Founder and President of Service Scouts

Rick Mears Joins Service Scouts!

“I’m excited and honored to join Service Scouts! I began working with Jim Smith and Service Scouts in 2000. Jim’s positive enthusiasm, and passion for quality guest service is motivating and desire for continual improvement in the area of quality guest service matches my own”, said Mears.

Rick recently retired as Vice President, Guest Services of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball organization based at Oracle Park in San Francisco. Rick held this position for 20 years and 21 Major League Baseball seasons.

During Rick’s tenure the service culture at then AT&T Park was legendary throughout the sports and entertainment industry.  Rick trained nearly 2,000 event staff each year in customer service kindness, and led the effort for organizational accountability for service kindness.  Fellow Giants front office executives and industry peers refer to Rick as a never wavering evangelist for organizational service excellence.

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“I realize we pay you for this but I also feel like you REALLY care about our success and are open to new ideas. Thanks for all of your efforts.”

– Russ Stanley, Managing Vice President Ticket Services/Client Relations, San Francisco Giants

Who are Our Scouts?

We have over 25,000 Service Scouts and operating in all 50 States. The typical industry term of “mystery shoppers”, “secret shoppers” is whom we call our Service Scouts. We renamed and like the terminology as we feel our Service Scouts are arguably the best and do more than shop! A Service Scout is extensively screened during the application process. A Service Scout is personally trained by our Quality Assurance Coordinators. A Service Scout then is Certified. We rate our Service Scouts after each Shop in several categories. We feel they are our most valuable asset and yours as well once you partner with us. We reward our very best Service Scouts in many ways.

Analyze and improve your customer experience with Service Scouts Mystery Shop
Analyze and improve your customer experience with Service Scouts Mystery Shop

Our Quality Assurance Coordinators

We employ a Quality Assurance Coordinator residing in your Marketplace that you can meet with at your location. They are responsible to recruit, screen, train, and certify each Service Scout as well as edit and distribute the Shops and all Service Scout Data to you. We promote from within so every one of our Quality Assurance Coordinators has been a Service Scout. Our Quality Assurance Coordinators all have at least 3 years or more with our company and several of our Quality Assurance Coordinators have been with us since 1996.

What Our Scouts Say

“I cannot say enough good things about Jim, the owner, and all those who work with him. I have thoroughly enjoyed handling the Seattle area and with any luck we might have more clients here too….YIPPEEEEE. Their payments are prompt and fast. Sent the first week of the month after you did the shop.”

Eric, Service Scout since 2004

“I completed shops for them last year, and had a great experience with every one. The reports are extensive, but well worth the time for what you get. On top of all that, Traci is an awesome scheduler to work with.”

George, Service Scout
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“Jim is great and very easy to get along with and understand. I recently picked up 2 more shops to do for him while in the Atlanta area. I can’t say enough good about this company especially Jim. He has a lot of patience and treats his shoppers with honesty and integrity.”

Lynnie, Service Scout since 2004