Our Founder and President, Jim Smith is an expert in business operations and customer care. He has a distinct ability to see your business through “customer eyes” and provide solutions. Jim is passionate about serving his clients and guiding them to World Class Customer Care. All of Service Scout’s clients have shown significant improvement in customer care.

Analyze and improve your customer experience with Service Scouts


Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants who have been ranked #1 in customer service and fan experience for the 2nd year in a row. We are proud and honored to have partnered with the Giants since 2000. Service Scouts currently serves 7 of the top 10 of 122 sports franchises in the US.

“Empire Golf has been a client of Service Scouts since 2006. The Evaluation Report that Service Scouts has customized for Empire Golf is a valuable tool that reflects our companies customer service standards, and allows our management team and staff to assess our products and services in the eyes of our customers. Coupled with a staff rewards program, it has been a positive experience for both management and staff, and has increased our customer service ratings and awareness.”

– Rod Metzler, President, Empire Golf Inc.

Quantify and Guide

Through the various steps of our Consulting Service, we will investigate assets and develop goals for your company:

• Service Discovery. Scout typical guest experiences before notifying any employees or management to determine where you are now as a base to start from. Then we develop and customize a Scout Survey that measures what you train and meets your specific needs by job class, facility, and total operations.

• Signature Service. Great companies and businesses have it! Do you have it? What are you proud of? What sets you apart from your competitors? Let’s create that intrinsic value and WOW your customers! We have many ideas for all areas of operations that your employees can easily perform.

• Industry Data. We will share our Service Scouts data within similar industries, venues, and markets comparing your performance against like business, departments, job classes, etc.

• Annual Service Analysis Review. We will review all your Service Scouts data, prepare an Executive Summary Presentation and meet with your management team. Being that we work with a myriad of industries we can provide some best practice ideas and will consistently provide suggestions to “Raise the Bar on Customer Care” every fiscal year.