If you don’t measure what you train, how do you know how effective your training program is? Utilizing our Service Scouting Recognize and Reward Program you can effectively and objectively measure everything! We have the proprietary software to provide the flexibility of asking your questions; Reporting mechanisms and tools to give you the data feedback that will be the foundation of your World Class Customer Care. If we don’t have what you need we will develop it, create it and/or find it!

Analyze and improve your customer experience with Service Scouts Mystery Shoppers.

Analyze and improve your customer experience with Service Scouts Mystery Shoppers

 Measure and Assess

With our Accountability Services you will be able to quantify your organization’s Customer Care and with the data we provide develop strategies to improve and reward:

• Utilize Scouting data to Recognize and Reward 100% Performances;

• Utilize Scouting data to determine which employees need coaching and counseling;

• Utilize Scouting data to determine which locations and departments are underperforming;

• All Management Summaries designed to be actionable;

• Service Alerts! Immediate feedback even before the Shop is finalized. Service Alerts are communicated via your requested correspondence method to alert you of critical information while Scouting such as an alcohol age compliance issue, safety, theft, employee misbehavior, injury, security concerns, etc.;

• Each Assessment Report has a human resources aspect to be used for recognition and/or counseling for both management and employee sign-off for each area observed;

• Utilize Service Scouts data to determine discretionary bonuses with all management employees! And,

• Many of our clients are holding their sub-contractors accountable with written agreements to perform based on Service Scouts data.