We love our Clients and are proud to have 97% retention since Service Scouts was founded in 1996! We have achieved double digit growth annually mainly because of the generosity of our Clients referring us. With over 25,000 Scouts in all 50 States and Quality Assurance Coordinators in every market and region, we are large enough to serve, yet small enough to appreciate you.


Dear Jim,
This is a letter of appreciation for the work you and your employees have done for us since 2000 and continue to perform on behalf of the San Francisco Giants.
Entertainment industry professionals from across the country know the excellent guest service reputation we have developed in our first five years since opening this beautiful baseball park. I give credit to you and your staff for being an invaluable part of our guest services team, and equal partner in developing the reputation we have earned in the industry.
I have worked in the entertainment business for over 30 years, and I have worked with various vendors and consultants nearly every year. In all of my experience I never had occasion to view any of these folks as coworkers, and equal partners in my work until I began working with you. Your positive enthusiasm, and passion for quality guest service is motivating to all of us. Your desire for continual improvement in the area of quality guest service by the Giants organization matches my own.
As you know there was initial resistance on the part of our frontline staff to include a mystery shopping service as part of our operation. Now the number one related comment among these individuals is: “I want to be shopped”. The scout scores for every segment of our guest service presentation have trended upward each year, and this tangible feedback is encouraging as well as revealing. Weaker segments are more carefully trained and given greater attention by managers, and the scores have increased. Weaknesses become strengths.
Rick Mears

Vice President, Guest Services

San Francisco Giants

I have known Jim and used his services for over 10 years. I have found the service and information provided to be very valuable in raising the bar at sports venues.
The service is simple to implement, provides a great method of defining performance criteria for all game day positions, and helps benchmark meaningful performance metrics.
It is also a great way to recognize employees who provide noteworthy service.
Thank you for the good news and feedback. This provides us with an invaluable picture of where we stand with the service we provide our guests and where we can focus our efforts to improve. Our staff has been energized and challenged by the process. We look forward to taking our service to the next level.
Scott Jenkins

General Manager
Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Dome & Mercedes Benz Stadium
Dear Jim,
My relationship with your company spans more than a decade, beginning with your first days shopping the San Jose Sharks at San Jose Arena, continuing through my relocation to the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field and the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers at Philips Arena.
At each location there was a stated company goal to provide “best in class” service to our customers. Your company has played a substantial role in the development and implementation of training and recognition programs that have allowed us to drive employee performance toward achieving that goal.
The specific feedback on each employee’s performance helps their manager coach them to being more successful in future customer interactions, while the summary data allows managers and executives to determine macro-service trends that are successes or need additional training attention.
Each year, as we develop the budget, the one item that remains sacrosanct are the dollars allocated for shopping. If we solely relied on customer feedback on performance, be it through comments or surveys, our training and coaching would be reactive, after the failures are visible to guests, rather than active, when we identify those deficiencies through shopping.
Thank you for continuing to provide an excellent technical product, and the shoppers and client managers that effectively deliver the results.

Jason Parker

Vice President

Philips Arena
Customer Service and Operations
This Service Scouts program is great! Like our team if we don’t keep score (of our employees), we wouldn’t know if we won or not!
Bob McNair
Houston Texans
We’ve been extremely pleased with your company’s services. The program has been beneficial and well received by staff and management; a very useful tool in our efforts toward ever-stronger customer service.
Joe Durr

Event Services Manager

Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Dear Jim,
In our world of customer service, we often hear the marketers and researchers talking the language of exceeding expectations, loyalty, retention, etc. It’s not often, however, that we come across individuals that not only speak the language, but practice it as well. At ClubCorp, we refer to our employee partners who share that passion as individuals with a “servant’s heart”.
It is with the utmost respect and appreciation that I send this letter to you for the impeccable services provided to ClubCorp in the past couple of years. Through the expertise of your shoppers, ClubCorp has been able to get closer to its Members and Guests and provide experiences that have gone well beyond satisfaction, and have created delighted customers.
Jim, if in the future a prospective client would like a referral, let me know. In addition, please share my gratitude with your staff as their enthusiasm truly captures the essence of a servant’s heart.
Thanks again for your insight and outstanding service.
Mark D. Williamson

Vice President of Research


I have grown to be a big fan of your service. I’ve taken the opportunity to recommend your services to several other facilities.
Kevin Twohig

Executive Director

Spokane Public Facilities District

I realize we pay you for this but I also feel like you REALLY care about our success and are open to new ideas. Thanks for all of your efforts.
Russ Stanley

Managing Vice President
Ticket Services/Client Relations

San Francisco Giants

Empire Golf has been a client of Service Scouts since 2006. The Evaluation Report that Service Scouts has customized for Empire Golf is a valuable tool that reflects our companies customer service standards, and allows our management team and staff to assess our products and services in the eyes of our customers. Coupled with a staff rewards program, it has been a positive experience for both management and staff, and has increased our customer service ratings and awareness.
Rod Metzler


Empire Golf Inc.

We have the opportunity to work with several companies at our multiple sports venues. Service Scouts is our preferred vendor because your staff is always direct, fair, friendly, and report with integrity. You make us that much better at what we do for our teams.
John Oglesby

Vice President of Stadiums & Arenas

During my time as Marketing Director at KNBR (2008-2015) we received daily Service Scouts reports for each of the home (SF) Giants games. As the flagship station of the team, KNBR hosted a booth inside the ballpark that we dubbed the KNBR Fan Stand. Our Promotions Team staffed the booth. Fans came by to play games, win prizes and talk sports.
Service Scouts graded our team, their knowledge of the day’s activities, their presentation skills and the overall customer service provided to the fans. Service Scouts did this for every home game.
The reports were of great assistance in the training of our staff especially when connecting with the public. Our management team anticipated each evaluation looking for that 100% rating which we received more often than not. But on those occasions where we did not get a perfect score, we were able to create teaching moments for the staff.
In the end, the reports taught our team that superior customer service meant being courteous as well as having a strong knowledge of the brand, engaging the customer beyond “hello” and “goodbye” and a commitment to the customer experience when visiting the KNBR Fan Stand. And because we received reports for each appearance, it brought home the idea of providing all the above every time they interacted with our listeners/fans.
Sheri Nelson
Marketing Director



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