Security Intrusion Red Team Program

Is Safety & Security critical at your venue? Let Service Scouts scout out your current system with our new Security Intrusion Red Team Program.

Along with our thorough Private Investigator services (Lic #2604), our scouts are now trained to report on security and safety at your event or venue. Backed by the credentials of our PI license, we are excited to offer you a full security suite in addition to our Guest Experience assessments.

Similar in cost to our Guest Experience assessment, our new Security Intrusion Red Team assessments can be combined with your current reporting or produced separately. Each survey will be customized to your building features and will include a narrative and photos of the employee/subject areas evaluated.

Samples of Security Intrusion Red Team assessments could include:

  • Credential Checks Scouts use invalid credentials to try to access points such as front of house, back of house, clubs, suites, perimeter.
  • Contraband Checks Scouts attempt to bring items such as Laser Pointers, Knives, Pepper Spray, Wrapped Gifts, etc into the venue.
  • Vital Infrastructure Checks Scouts test accessibility of areas such as HVAC, IT or Mechanical rooms.

Our Security Assessment team is ready to start immediately. Contact Jim Smith today.

“We all know that we learn and improve through repetition and feedback. The security intrusion shop gives us the actionable feedback to do just that. It’s been amazing how dramatically different the behavior of our staff has been knowing they are getting shopped … Everyone should do this.”

– Mary Milne, Senior Vice President Guest Experience & Blue Ribbon Service Tampa Bay Sports & Entertainment