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By January 18, 2018Kudos of the Month

I walked into the arena and Moses asked if he could help me find my seat. I gave him my ticket and he pointed out that my section was over by the next entrance, but that I could walk through the arena to get to it. He told me to enjoy the game.  I walked to the section I thought he pointed to and found my seat. When he saw that I went over too far, he came over and politely said he told me the wrong section and apologized for his mistake. I think it was my mistake, and he was just being professional about it. Moses told me that I could finish eating my food and then move, but I said I would move before eating. He walked me over to the right section, got me settled with my food, and told me to have a great time. He was very professional and kind.


Moses took the time to come over and politely point out that I sat in the wrong section, then walked me over to where he originally told me to sit, and to the row my seat was on. Even though sitting in the wrong section was all my fault, he took the blame so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I really appreciated all his help.