Michael, AAA Lot Attendant, Parking Lot N, Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Dome

By December 30, 2015Kudos of the Month

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A guest noted that Michael was observant in noticing a non-compliant bag and advised of options either to leave the bag locked in the car or to check it near the gate.

Here are the comments provided by the guest:
As I pulled away from the parking cashier, the parking attendant smiled and made eye contact.  He gestured me to an available parking space.  Once I exited my car, he greeted me saying, “Hi, are you doing okay today?”  I replied, “Good afternoon, yes.”  Michael saw my purse and said, “You may want to lock your purse in the car or check it at the bag check, since you will not be able to take it into the stadium.” I replied, “Where is the bag check?”  He gestured to the location as he explained it was a table outside near the box office.  He told me, “I think they charge ten dollars for bag check.  Don’t forget to lock your car.  Can I help you with anything else?”  I told him, “No, thanks.”  Michael said, “Enjoy the game today; it should be a good one.”

Michael was knowledgeable about the NFL bag policy.  He was observant and noticed I was walking with a non-compliant bag as I was leaving my car.  He made sure I was aware of the bag policy to avoid me being surprised at the gate.  He explained my options of leaving my bag in the car or using the bag check service.