Epiphany, Dallas Cowboys Security Employee

By December 30, 2015Kudos of the Month

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Epiphany, a Dallas Cowboys Security Employee

On September 27, 2009, Epiphany, a Dallas Cowboys Security Employee, received a 100% Shop.

“Epiphany approached me with sincere eye contact, politely smiled and greeted. I asked her about how much tickets were for the next game. She said she didn’t know but said that Guest Services would be able to help me and instead of directing me where to go, she walked me to Guest Services. As we were walking through a crowd, Epiphany put her arm out motioning for me to go first. She went out of her way to be very friendly and initiated pleasant conversation with me along the way. She then told the Guest Services employee what I was inquiring about. She waited until I was satisfied and then Epiphany thanked me, provided a fond farewell and asked if i needed anything else she would be glad to help me.. I was so impressed by her! Epiphany exceeded my expectations!”

– Sue B., Service Scout