Service Inspiration

The Half-Life of a Complaint

By Service Inspiration

Complaints received by your business are like icebergs. The topside might seem small but you need to keep in mind the girth of the unseen portion or it will sink your ship.

“For every 4% of unhappy customers who submit a complaint, 96% simply go away angry.

For each customer complaint received, there are an average of 26 more people with problems; 6 of which are severe.

Of those who complain, 56%-70% will do business with the company again, if the complaint is resolved. That goes up to 96% if it is resolved quickly.

The average person who has a complaint tells 9-10 people about it. 13% tell more than 20 people.

Customers whose complaints have been resolved tell 5-6 people.”

-from Fabled Service by Betsy Sanders

Walton Wisdom