Scout of the Month

Scout of the Month: Michael S

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Michael S is one of our newest shoppers in his area.  He joined us in July of 2018 and has performed seven (7) game and event shops so far, earning an average rating of 8.7.  He picks up last-minute openings, does a thorough job, and writes professional reports.  He communicates with us to ensure timely responses and improves his reports based on the ratings of each of his events.  Michael was a lucky find and we are so excited to continue working with him in the future!

Scout of the Month: Daniel J

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Daniel J began shopping with us this summer and has been a great new asset to our team.  He has completed nine (9) events, turned everything in on time, and has a shopper rating of 9.14, which is fantastic for a new shopper!  He has helped us out when we’ve had last-minute cancellations and has provided complete evaluations, full of valuable information.  We love having Daniel on our team and look forward to his bright future with Service Scouts!

Scout of the Month: Michelle S.

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Michelle began with Service Scouts just over a year ago and has completed 28 shops, including game, event, and phone shops. Her average rating is 9.71. Michelle consistently turns in her reports on time, requires little – if any – editing, and provides complete and thorough comments in her narratives. She volunteers for hard-to-fill shops when she can and always aims to improve her reporting. She includes quality pictures in her reports and uses the comments in her ratings to improve her performance. We love working with Michelle!

Scout of the Month: Sue H.

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Sue Harmon has been a scout with Service Scouts since 2015, and has performed both baseball and basketball shops in her area.  She is willing to help us out when other shoppers cancel or if we have a last-minute shop.  This year, she has become a rock star backup shopper within her area and has let us know that she’s always willing to assist with last-minute shops when we need help.  We know that she will turn in a complete and timely report, with only few edits needed.  She is a great asset to Service Scouts and we enjoy working with her!

Scout of the Month: Anthony S.

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Anthony Spada has been a scout with Service Scouts since 2016 as has performed seventy (70) shops with us. He primarily completes game and event shops, but also participates in retail and entertainment shops as well. He has earned an average rating of 9.26, scoring in the top 10% of our 15,000+ shopper database. Anthony is always willing to help us out with last-minute shops or fill in when other shoppers cancel. His reports are turned in on time, rarely (if ever) need to be sent back for edits, and include complete and detailed information. He always includes relevant pictures and he has a good eye for detail. Because of this, he has earned the status of “Preferred Shopper” in his area, and has recently completed some elite shops for us with prospective clients. We know that if Anthony is scheduled for a shop, we will be getting quality work that’s ready for the client within their deadline. He is a great asset to our scout pool!

Scout of the Month: Lakeisha D.

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Lakeisha Dulin has been a scout with Service Scouts since 2015 and has performed fifty (50) shops with us. She is well versed in game and event evaluations as well as phone, email, and website evaluations. Her reports are high quality, on time, and written professionally. She regularly helps us with last-minute shops, which is a huge help! Because of the quality and consistency of her work, she has earned a position as one of our schedulers. While scheduling, Lakeisha regularly takes on the most challenging areas to schedule and excels in this task. She is a rock star and we love working with her!

Scout of the Month: Ronda A.

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Ronda Ajlouni has been with Service Scouts for over 4 years and has done over 175 reports during that time in the San Francisco Bay area. She has attended San Francisco Giants, San Jose Giants, Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and Stanford games representing Service Scouts. She stated it so well herself why she would be a good representative for Service Scouts when she first applied to be a scout: “I like trying new things! I have always wanted to be a mystery shopper and feel that it is a great fit for me. I have been in the service industry for 20 years, and realize the importance of getting accurate, detailed information on how your team members are interacting with customers. This information will benefit the business to improve service and/or reward those who provide superior service.” She shows a complete understanding of why we do what we do and provides consistent quality reports.

Scout of the Month: Trudy O.

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Trudy O. is a Service Scout who has earned a 8.91 rating and has completed 14 shops since 2012.

Trudy went above and beyond for Service Scouts in the month of November. She completed six shops, all of which were picked up last minute. She adjusted her schedule each time in order to help us out. She completes all of her shops on time and with all the required information.

Thanks so much Trudy!

Laurie Belleville
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Service Scouts, Inc.

Scout of the Month: Dave Z.

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Dave Z., a Service Scout who has earned a 9.16 rating has completed fifty-one (51) shops for us since September 2014.

Dave has a keen eye for noticing the details to help our clients achieve their service vision. He is enthusiastic towards new ideas and projects. Dave is dependable,  flexible and can be counted on with short notice to perform at a high level.

We love working with Dave!

Tracy Keller
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Service Scouts, Inc.

Scout of the Month: Lauren C.B.

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Lauren C.B., a Service Scout who has a 9.15 rating has completed thirty (30) shops for us since July 2015.  She has completed several game and event experiences, as well as detailed phone, email and web assessments. Lauren has attained her high shopper rating because her reports are on time, complete, show consistency, and are written in a professional matter.

Lauren’s high level of reliability and quality of her reports have earned her a position as a Quality Assurance Coordinator Service Scouts.

I wanted to compliment Lauren on her thoroughness in completing shops for SS&E.  A recent shop in early December was a good example and quite unique.  We got a call that a guest and her young son was stuck in a stairwell, which happens more than it should as we continue to work through signage opportunities after the renovations that were completed this off season.  Wayne, one of our most seasoned veterans on the event staffing side went to assist.  Turns out that the guest was actually a shopper!!  She took a great picture of him, as it appears that he is assisting her and sending her on her way.  The picture taken by Lauren was actually a good example of the bulk of the work that she completes in her shops, thorough, accurate, and timely.

Shannon Walsh
Experience Innovation Manager
Spurs Sports & Entertainment