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Scout of the Month

Burt F., California

Burt has been Service Scouting six of our Clients in California since 2003, performing 416 Shops. His Service Scout Rating is a 9.36. He takes a great joy in Service Scouting and is excellent in reporting all the facts and telling the story as if you were there in reading his narratives ...

Client's Performance of the Month

Epiphany, a Dallas Cowboys Security Employee

"Epiphany approached me with sincere eye contact, politely smiled and greeted. I asked her about how much tickets were for the next game ...

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Utilizing the tools and reporting mechanisms offered through our Accountability Services you can effectively and objectively measure how effective your customer care program is.
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Our distinct ability to assess your business through your customer's eyes allows us to guide you to World Class Customer Care.
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We can help you build and develop an affordable Rewards program that will motivate your entire company.
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Much more than mystery shopping, Service Scouting allows you a unique perspective at your customer care in action.
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