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Scout of the Month: Michael S

By | Scout of the Month

Michael S is one of our newest shoppers in his area.  He joined us in July of 2018 and has performed seven (7) game and event shops so far, earning an average rating of 8.7.  He picks up last-minute openings, does a thorough job, and writes professional reports.  He communicates with us to ensure timely responses and improves his reports based on the ratings of each of his events.  Michael was a lucky find and we are so excited to continue working with him in the future!

Scout Coordinator of the Month: Valerie M

By | Scout Coordinator of the Month

Valerie has been a scout with us since 2014, and has an overall rating of 8.5.  She was asked to be a scout coordinator on our team in 2017 and has been working with us since then.  Her reports as a scout are on time, thorough, and well-written.  She has an eye for detail and we can always count on her.  She started as a coordinator just over a year ago and has become on of our superstar editors.  We love working with Valerie and can always count on her to help us out, especially during high-volume times.  Congratulations, Valerie!

Anthony, Cashier, Sugar and Brew at The District Market

By | Kudos of the Month

Anthony smiled at me as I approached.  He said, “Hello, how are you today?”  I answered and asked him the same, which he responded in turn.  He asked what he could get for me.  I told him I forgot my glasses and couldn’t see the menu that well.  He offered to read what I wanted to see.  He pointed out the pastries and sweets that they had left and read me the names.  I told him I was hoping for a cupcake and he apologized but told me that they had gelato.  I agreed, and he pointed out the flavors to me.  I asked for a few samples, as did my guest.  We chose the flavors we wanted, and he made the scoops.  He handed the cup to my guest and took our gelato over to the register, where he told us he was training another employee, Alicia.  She rang up the order and he assisted her with the register.  He said, “I need a name for the order,” and I gave it to him.  He said, “Eight dollars, please.”  I swiped my card and he said, “Can I see the name on your card?” I showed him, but it was a temporary card and didn’t have my name on it.  He said, “Okay, it’s okay.” He gave me the receipt and said, “Thank you.  Have an awesome day!”  When I walked up to the counter, I could not see to read the menu. I told Anthony that I could not see it, and he offered to read to me the whole menu. He read what I was trying to see, along with all the flavor labels, so I could make a decision as to what I wanted, all while wearing a big smile.

Scout of the Month: Daniel J

By | Scout of the Month

Daniel J began shopping with us this summer and has been a great new asset to our team.  He has completed nine (9) events, turned everything in on time, and has a shopper rating of 9.14, which is fantastic for a new shopper!  He has helped us out when we’ve had last-minute cancellations and has provided complete evaluations, full of valuable information.  We love having Daniel on our team and look forward to his bright future with Service Scouts!

Scout of the Month: Michelle S.

By | Scout of the Month

Michelle began with Service Scouts just over a year ago and has completed 28 shops, including game, event, and phone shops. Her average rating is 9.71. Michelle consistently turns in her reports on time, requires little – if any – editing, and provides complete and thorough comments in her narratives. She volunteers for hard-to-fill shops when she can and always aims to improve her reporting. She includes quality pictures in her reports and uses the comments in her ratings to improve her performance. We love working with Michelle!

Steven, Bartender, Milwaukee Bucks

By | Kudos of the Month

As I approached the bar, Steven greeted me, smiled, and asked how he could help me. I asked if he could make me a hot toddy. He mentioned that they do not have any hot water, but he could go get some hot water from the back. I informed him that I had a cough and a sore throat. Steven sincerely responded, “Let me fix you up. I’ll be right back. “

He left the area and returned with three tea bags and a bottle of honey. Steven poured me a separate one-ounce shot of Crown Royal and said, “Try this first it will help.”

Steven prepared a hot water beverage with three tea bags: Throat Coat, Breathe Easy, and green tea, along with honey, lemon, and a shot of Crown Royal. I offered to pay and he responded, “No, it’s on us! I hope you feel better soon!” Steven gave me and additional pair of Throat Coat and Breathe Easy tea bags to take with me for when I got home.

Steven’s genuine desire to help, kindness, and empathy exceeded my expectations. The drink was delicious and made me feel better!

Scout Coordinator of the Month: Chelise L

By | Scout Coordinator of the Month

Chelise Larsen has been a shopper for Service Scouts since 2010.  In that time she has completed 159 shops with an average rating of 8.86, putting her in the top 10% of our shoppers.  Because of her great work as a shopper, Chelise was invited to become an editor for us in 2016.  She has proven to be an excellent editor and has recently been invited to become one of our schedulers as well.  In the first two weeks of her time scheduling, she was able to fill 100% of her shops that she was assigned–this is no easy task!  She has stepped up and become one of our rock star team members in editing, and now scheduling and recruiting.  We love working with Chelise and value her contributions to our team!

Scout of the Month: Sue H.

By | Scout of the Month

Sue Harmon has been a scout with Service Scouts since 2015, and has performed both baseball and basketball shops in her area.  She is willing to help us out when other shoppers cancel or if we have a last-minute shop.  This year, she has become a rock star backup shopper within her area and has let us know that she’s always willing to assist with last-minute shops when we need help.  We know that she will turn in a complete and timely report, with only few edits needed.  She is a great asset to Service Scouts and we enjoy working with her!

Moses, Usher, Spurs Sports and Entertainment

By | Kudos of the Month

I walked into the arena and Moses asked if he could help me find my seat. I gave him my ticket and he pointed out that my section was over by the next entrance, but that I could walk through the arena to get to it. He told me to enjoy the game.  I walked to the section I thought he pointed to and found my seat. When he saw that I went over too far, he came over and politely said he told me the wrong section and apologized for his mistake. I think it was my mistake, and he was just being professional about it. Moses told me that I could finish eating my food and then move, but I said I would move before eating. He walked me over to the right section, got me settled with my food, and told me to have a great time. He was very professional and kind.


Moses took the time to come over and politely point out that I sat in the wrong section, then walked me over to where he originally told me to sit, and to the row my seat was on. Even though sitting in the wrong section was all my fault, he took the blame so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I really appreciated all his help.

Ed, Tour Guide, Mercedes Benz Stadium

By | Kudos of the Month

Ed welcomed us promptly at 4:30 for the tour. He made sure everyone had used the restroom and then asked us to follow him up the escalator. We went all the way to the top level of the stadium (the 300 level). He pointed out the halo board, the solar panels on the parking deck outside the large window on the city. He told us about the field’s turf, how the roof works and is constructed, and pointed out the various changes to the young stadium. We then continued on the tour. He brought us in to the Coca Cola suite and allowed us to sit in the seats. He talked about the different sizes of the suites. He kept noting the openness of the stadium, the ease of access to drink refills, and the extra ladies’ rooms. We got to the portion of the stadium that is parallel to the field with the lights that light up depending on where the Falcons have the ball. That was particularly interesting, especially when he pointed out the Reds Apple Ale bar in the Red Zone. We took a look at the AT&T perch and saw the great standing room areas there. We went in to Gullwing Club and saw the elevator the Mr. Blank’s suite. We went down to the Mercedes Club, which was awesome. Ed explained how large it was and the amenities available. He also told us the differences between that and the Delta Club where the United enter the game. We went into the AMG Lounge. He pointed out the curtains covering the windows where the patrons can see the Falcons walking to and from the field. Next, he took us to the locker room. We looked around the large locker room and took pictures. We were able to get access to the training rooms. My teenager thought that part was especially cool. Next, we went on the field. Ed pointed out again how soft the turf was, that the paint was water soluble, and that they scrubbed it off each time it needed to be changed. We walked the field and then were allowed to check out any parts. We were allowed to peer into the Delta club from the sideline. We then left the field and went up an escalator that showed the coming national sporting events. Ed concluded the tour in front of the Team Store. He asked if anyone had any other questions. None were asked. He thanked us, told us to have a great day, and told us he looked forward to seeing us at a game in the future.

When some of the guests were interested in the differences between the Falcons procedures and the Atlanta United procedures, he took extra time to explain the differences to them. He engaged all of us in the information, but really tailored the answers to exactly where the guests’ interest was.